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Onusa Kanhachat

Originally from Bangkok with a background in law and governance, Onusa has somehow enjoyed working on animal-free trade since a young age. She had worked in various national and global projects where she gained leadership experiences and lifelong friends. Currently she works full-time for Siam Biotrade as VP and the point of contact for Thailand and Asia. She is excited and grateful to be able to help elevate Thai farmers' enterprises as well as the environment and the surrounding communities. Her leisure lies in English literature, karaoke, and fun facts about left-handedness.

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Sanan Kanhachat

Mr. Sanan Kanhachat is a former commissioned officer of the Royal Thai Air Force. Hailing from a multicultural background in Pattani and Songkhla, he combines Chinese-Thai, Muslim-Thai, and Buddhist-Thai heritage, enabling him to speak both Thai and Malay fluently.


In his distinguished career, Mr. Sanan has held senior military roles, handling significant domestic and international tasks. His experience includes serving as a board officer for the General Border Committee (GBC) between Thailand and Malaysia, working as an intelligence analyst at the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, and culminating as a senior project officer at the Office of Royal Development Projects Board (ORDPB). It was in this final role that he found inspiration for his ongoing agricultural and community development initiatives.


As president of Siam Biotrade, Mr. Sanan brings invaluable experience, guiding us with his expertise and paving the way for the younger generation to make a meaningful impact on society and the environment.

    Sanan Kanhachat

    Nicholas Ammon

    Nicholas, originally from Hanover, Germany, now calls Bangkok home. He is a vegetarian with a background in IT. As CEO of Siam Biotrade, which he co-founded with his spouse, Onusa Kanhachat, he leads operations and serves as the primary liaison for Western markets. He feels blessed to be able to contribute to the local families economically and sustainably and to globally elevate gourmet products of Thailand though the business model of Siam Biotrade which does not involve the trade of animals. Aside from his tech expertise, he is also a connoisseur of Middle Eastern cuisine, bubble tea and, of course, pickled mini-mangoes!

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    Nittaya and Sanan Kanhachat

    Nittaya and Sanan lead the largest mini-mango farmers' network of Thailand which is modelled after their heritage farm. She and Sanan, a retired military officer whom his Chinese-Thai family from the south passed down the pickle recipes of mini mangoes to, have together transformed arid 20 acres of land in one of the poorest regions in Thailand into a fertile, evergreen area relying 100% on solar energy. Their farm has been featured on many news channels as a success story of regenerative farming example and a model of a royal sustainable farming project.

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