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From Local Harvest to Exquisite Taste

Siam Biotrade is a fourth-generation family business. We curate our heritage farm which is 100% sustainable on solar energy. Our farm chairs the largest network of Thai mini-mango (Mangifera indica L. Var.) farmers. We are selected to be part of the royal sustainable farming project "Khok Nong Na Model" and receiver of Distinguished Farm Award from the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives. We are also the manufacturer and exporter of fresh mini mangoes and the signature Thai mini-mango pickles using our century-old family recipe from Songkhla and Pattani.


Growing with the Local

We believe in ethical and sustainable business practices

Siam Biotrade is part of Thailand's carbon credit program and a practitioner of UN SDGs. We globalise and innovate without abandoning human opportunities. Our staff members range from disabled people to people with a Ph.D. In addition, women also hold at least 50% of our company leadership roles.

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